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Exotic and evocative, Australian artist Victoria Spence's paintings depict the female figure in dreamlike landscapes and alluring, delphic
narratives. In her art, the quiet but striking presence of the female figure contrasts - visually and symbolically - with the enigmatic world
which Spence has created for them. Though in some works the women are portrayed in sumptuous repose and in other works, alone and disconsoate, the nude figures always reveal an image of the female as unabashed, intrepid. Spence's women inhabit an almost mythical world of palm trees silhouettes and flowing water, of vast black earth and abstracted flowers. In some of her works, women in elegant gowns link hands -- perhaps
dancing, perhaps playing as children, perhaps pulling away from one another, emotive, mysterious and intriguing. In her deconstruction of
narratives of the inner strength and beauty of women today in western culture, Spence does not flinch from the political. The grief and
ambiguity of white women living on Aboriginal land is explored through the series "Squashed Flowers". The colours of colonisation, the sharp edged
red and blue flowers of English culture lie across the black earth, the future holds a storm of change and hope.
- Agora Gallery, New York.

Victoria Spence studied at North Adelaide School of Arts in South Australia and has since exhibited in Sydney, Adelaide and New York.
Winning the international Body Paint award in 2003, and gaining artist in residence at the renowed Chelsea Hotel in New York.

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